16 outubro 2008

Curso intensivo de escrita

Professor – So, tell me about what you hope to achieve with this course.
Aluna 1 – Oh, I have the dream of writing a novel.
Professor – Really? Fantastic.
Aluna 2 – Well, my friends say that my e-mails are so funny that I should write a book. And I agree.
Professor – Very good. And you?
Eu – I like to write film reviews and essays about Cinema.
Professor – Uhm… In a nonfictional or fictional way?

2 comentários:

Anónimo disse...

Uhm... the teacher´s question might have a point. Sometimes I read reviews that are SO out there, that they might be called true works of fiction!

Miguel Marujo disse...

... mas as tuas reviews (reconhecem-se nos pedaços que aqui deixas) são nonfictional, directas, incisivas. Soubesse o professor deste Mise en Abyme.