28 maio 2008

Saints and Soldiers (2003)

Gould – Is it good reading? (referindo-se à Bíblia)
Deacon – Do you believe in a life after this one?
Gould – Not a chance in hell. When we first got here, I was working on this kid. He was shot up pretty bad. He kept saying, “Please, God. Please, God.” Over and over. Like it meant something. He was so sincere about it, I thought it might work. Then two minutes later he was dead. There wasn’t a thing I could do about it. When I looked into his eyes… There was nothing there. Nothing. That’s when I realised that… This is it.
Deacon – It’s funny.
Gould – What can possibly be funny about that?
Deacon – No, I don’t mean “funny” funny. It’s … It’s just that… We were just outside Sainte-Mère-Eglise. We were getting pounded pretty hard. And I was holding this kid on my lap and he was shot up pretty good. And I remember him praying. And I was praying, too. And all of a sudden he was gone. And that was… That was it, really. That was the first time that I really watched somebody die. But right then I knew that he was in a better place than that.
Gould – How convenient for you.
Deacon – Convenient? That’s what I was thinking about what you said. Funny, huh?

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